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Asbestos Yarn
AMY-21, Asbestos Cloth product of supreme mill stores

Product Name : AMY 21


Manufacturer : Mechanical Packing Industries Pvt Ltd

Product Description : Non-metallic Asbestos Yarn.

Warning: Usage of Carcinogenic Asbestos Yarn is dangerous and extreme care must be taken. Follow guidelines as per IS 11769. Pictorial Warning must be displayed on the Equipment as per IS 12081. 

Standard Size : 1 Kg Coil
Thickness : From 1.5mm to 6mm
Temperature : Max: 350 Deg C
Compliance : : DGS&D G/Misc/81-C
Application : Asbestos yarn has a wide range of applications—in heat insulation, sealing, electrical insulations, fire protection, friction materials, etc. Asbestos yarn is also used for packing valve spindles, lagging small pipes, sealing joints in flexible metallic tubings, packing for bib-cocks at low pressure steam, sewing asbestos mattresses, in switch and fuse gear, braiding of electric cables, weaving of electrical resistance kits, cushions for glass in patent glazing bars.
Equivalent to : Carcinogenic Asbestos Fiber based Style 1056