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Product Name : Ultra Ever Dry

Item Code: UltraEverDRY

Product Description : ULTRATECH INC's ULTRA EVER DRY brings the power of nanotechnology to the Industrial user in an astonishing new form. Ultra Ever Dry is the best waterproofing solution, capable of working on any surface and was even features on.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Alumnium - Keeps objects dry, water and many other liquids simply repel off.
  • Anti-Corrosion - Maximum corrosion protection since water and moisture never actually contact the base material.
  • Anti-Icing - Keeps coated materials dry, eliminating the formation of ice.
  • Anti-Contamination - Dust, dirt, water and other liquids that contain bacteria or radiation never actually contact the surface of the coated material so bacteria and radiation is greatly diminished or eliminated and easy to decontaminate to sterile, if needed.
  • Self-Cleaning - The Ultra-Ever Dry repels dirty water and thick oils, and remains clean and virtually bacteria-free. When dust, dirt or other molecules accumulate on a coated surface, a light spray of water or a blast of air grabs the dust and removes it.
  • Product Life-Extending - Many products fail from moisture, water, oil or simply getting too dirty for continued use. Use Ultra-Ever Dry to extend the life of work gloves and other PPE, electric motors by preventing moisture on the windings, coat nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion, coat tools, equipment, and virtually any item that needs to be kept dry, corrosion free, de-iced, uncontaminated or clean. Save money, provide greater safety and a cleaner work environment.


The system is useful for non-wetting, anti-icing, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, and for corrosion protection. Ultra-Ever Dry® SE 7.6.110 yields a matte finish surface that withstands moderate abrasion. The coating is translucent white in appearance depending on thickness used. Ultra-Ever Dry® SE 7.6.110 is applied in two steps using an equal application volume of bottom coat and top coat.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 0.95 Litres [Can Cover an approx area of 4 Sq Mtrs]
  • 3.80 Litres [Can Cover an approx area of 15 Sq Mtrs]
  • 3.80 Litres [Can Cover an approx area of 15 Sq Mtrs]
  • 110.0 Litres [Can Cover an approx area of 465 Sq Mtrs]
  • 210.0 Litres [Can Cover an approx area of 836 Sq Mtrs]

How chemically resistant is Ultra-Ever Dry?

As with most materials and coatings, this will depend on the chemical. In general, it is resistant to a wide range including most acids, caustics and refined oils. Testing may be required to ensure proper compatibility.

What chemicals will the material not work with?

Certain solvents, alcohols and soap/detergents will cause the surface of the coating to “wet-out”. Once these chemicals are removed, the superhydrophobicity will generally return.