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Asbestos Brake Lining
WA-8, Asbestos brake lining of supreme mill stores

Product Name : WA8

Brand : COMPO

Manufacturer : Hindustan Composites Ltd

Product Description : A flexible, solid woven, asbestos based friction material made from asbestos yarn, spun around brass wire, which contributes considerably to its strength. WA-8 has a medium/high co-efficient of friction combined with moderate temperature and wear resistance. WA-8 is available in roll form. Segments, Cones and special shapes can easily be cut from it. Being a flexible material, it is possible to form it to radius when fitting it.

Standard Size : Width from 3/4inch (19mm) to 25" (635mm)
Thickness : Thickness: 5mm to 19mm
Application : Industrial band and drum brake Linings ; Industrial band, plate and cone clutch linings (eg. cranes, lifts, excavators .winches, concrete mixers, drop hammers, mine widening appliances, underground haulages, tippers, oil well draw works, road rollers, sugar mill centrifuges), certain heavy road transport vehicles and tractors.